Moving Body



Saturday, December 5th
7pm to 10pm (EDT)

Donation:  $25 suggested

All amounts large and small are meaningful.

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Ten of the Moving Body Salon All-Stars will be performing their creative talents on December 5th via Zoom, hosted by Mary Abrams!

Performers include:  Stephanie Urdang—writer, Eelka Lampe—poet, Corazon Tierra—dancer/poet, Leo Schaff—singer/songwriter, Alvin Eng—playwright/performer, Norman Salant—singer/songwriter, Jennifer Maeve Moloney—dancer, David Belmont—writer/musician, Lee Fogel—dancer/poet, and Ali Fischer—dancer/choreographer.

Each performance lasts apx. 10 min. with 5 min. of audience exchange.  From the comfort of your home you can join us Salon-style with beverages and noshes of your desire.  Join the whole event, come and go as you please…..the more the merrier to celebrate and support MBR with an evening of inspiring music, dance, poetry, prose, song, and communion!


Stephanie Urdang is a NYC writer, raconteur, and an Esoteric Healer. She is finishing a collection of short stories called, The Deeds of Desperate Women.  You can read her blog of ‘short pieces from a long life’ at:

Eelka Lampe is a NYC poet, teaching German and Tai Chi at Regis High School. She has read at Brooklyn Poets, Artful Dodgers Poetry, the East Fourth Street Community Garden, and has been a featured poet at MBR Salons since 2017.

Leo Schaff—Songwriter, singer, actor, and teacher of Shakespeare at the 92nd St. Y.  His work has been seen and heard from Carnegie Hall to CBGB’s to the steps of the U.S. Capitol, where “Give Us Hope” — the signature song of the Young Peoples Chorus of New York, which he co-wrote — was performed at President Obama’s Inauguration in 2009.  For a live clip of the eclectic Leo, look here:


Alvin Engis a native NYC playwright, performer, acoustic punk rock raconteur and educator. His plays and performances have been seen Off-Broadway, throughout the U.S., in Paris, Hong Kong, and Guangzhou, China. Eng promises to perform from HERE COMES JOHNNY YEN AGAIN (or How I Kicked Punk) which received a 2020 Workshop Residency at Dixon Place, NYC. This work explores the impact of opium on the Chinese Diaspora with NYC’s punk/counterculture, and Eng’s own Grandfather’s opium overdose on the streets of NYC’s Chinatown.  (photo: Ann Yoo).

Norman Salant—is a NYC singer/songwriter whose songs are an attempt to put a face on the most moving elements of life.  They are songs for today, melodious, intricate, with lyrical wordplay and larger themes, poetic imagery and abstract impressions; above all honest.  Deceptively complex Norman’s songs reconstitute all the music he’s ever heard from the Beatles to Coltrane to Dylan to Philip Glass, into something fresh and new.  Pop songs, yes, but radically different than any particular genre might produce.


Corazon Tierrais an interdisciplinary dance creator; poet, writer, dance educator and Teaching Artist. She is the creator of Beloved BodySoul , a method that helps women and young girls develop positive body esteem through dance, somatics, and creative processes.

David BelmontDavid Belmont is a mixed media artist and community organizer living in New York City. He writes memoir, short fiction and poetry, as well as instrumental music. His work has appeared in The Poeming PigeonWildflower Muse and FishFood Magazine. World Gone Zoom, a collection of his poems, will be published by The Poetry Box in May, 2021. He is currently co-music director of the Castillo Theatre. He has been a professional musician for 50 years. His publicly available recorded output since 1999 can be found on Spotify, iTunes and amazon. You can find his blog at:

Jennifer Maeve Moloney is a dancer and Somatic Movement Therapist who explores the sensory movement experience of emotions with her clients. She loves to study people, medicinal uses of plants, the ancient medicine of pelvic hydrotherapy steam and quantum biofeedback technology. For Jennifer, not a day goes by without dancing or singing in some way, shape, and form. 

Lee Fogel is a Philadelphia based dancer, visual artist, healer, and somatic movement educator & therapist.  Lee creates in order to be alive. To feel, taste, and touch life—to dance and to sing life.  Through her creative work in diverse racial, faith, and LBGTQ communities, healing is a huge part of her personal path and offering to the world.

Ali Fischer is a NYC dancer/choreographer, somatic movement educator (SME), and bodywork therapist.  Her SME career began as a modern dancer trained in Limon Technique.  Now she blends dance, yoga, life coaching, and myofascial bodywork for her company, Biodynamic Movement, Inc.; and is most interested in the dancer’s practice of structured improvisation.  She finds that daring the unknown and inviting honesty, magic, the seen and unseen within a framed improvisation allows one to wake up to one’s inner creator.

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Once you send your donation with your email address, you will receive Zoom info to join the Salon!