About MBR

Vision, Mission & History


The vision of Moving Body Resources is to promote the well-being, creative, learning, and spiritual integrity of humans as we live together with all life on Earth. Our vision aims to support innovation, creative practices, self-reflexive skills, embodiment practices, and healing arts through a decentralized business structure that empowers teachers, healers, students, clients, and artists to work, thrive, discover, learn, create, heal, and love, long into the future.

Our Mission

The mission of Moving Body Resources is to build and support environments for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual growth of people of all ages, races, and abilities. We achieve this by:

  1. Creating a space for professionals to teach, practice, and grow their own businesses;
  2. Teaching programs in creative expression, somatic movement education, meaning-making, and healing; and
  3. Consulting people on how to find resources for these activities in areas all over the world.

Moving Body Resources aims to be a model organization utilizing and growing sustainable business practices that enhance healthy human relations and contribute to the biological well-being of regions local to its programs. Our financial goals include increasing revenues from space rental and sponsored programs each year, to fully cover operating costs and to support growing the vision, purpose, and principles of the business.

Our History

Mary Abrams began teaching movement as dance classes in 1984. In 1996 she began offering Continuum classes in NYC for small groups at her home studio, and then out of the IM School of Healing Arts on West 25th Street (1997-1999). With a desire to build more community and expand business, in August 1999, she established a Limited Liability Company named Mary Abrams Movement Resources, and moved to 7 East 17th Street, 5th floor sharing a commercial space with Pilates training program the Kane School of Core Integration. In 2001, Mary Abrams Movement Resources moved to 10 East 18th Street, 4th floor, and created a rental program with three small offices and one 800 sq. ft. group space, annually facilitating space for approximately 25 practitioners and group events.

In 2006, Mary changed the name of the business to MOVING BODY RESOURCES and moved to 112 West 27th Street, 4th floor, expanding even more into a 3200 sq. ft. full floor space, divided into 2 group spaces, 3 private practice offices, an administrative office, lobby, kitchen and two bathrooms. MBR continues to thrive and grow. As of 2018, MBR facilitates spaces for the work of over 100 teachers and practitioners along with their students and clients from all over the world.