A Moving body inquiry

Masking-Unmasking: A Moving Body Inquiry
April 1-2
Fri-Sat, 10 am – 2 pm
Online & In-person

Wearing a mask has been a significant part of life the last two years.  We have been masking to protect ourselves, to protect others, to follow mandates, and to “do the right thing”.  We have also been unmasking when we feel we are safe, to support our beliefs, to protest authorities and to rebel.

Yet before the Covid-19 pandemic, we were also regularly masking and unmasking.  From an early age we begin to experience and learn the movements and feelings expressed through our faces and the faces of others.  We then use our facial movements in response to others and to evoke responses from others.  Eventually, we create our own set of conscious and unconscious masks to amuse, satisfy, and protect ourselves in relation to the world around us.

This two-day workshop explores through breath/sound, movement, & dialogue:

What do we experience through our whole body when we put on a mask? 

What do we experience through our whole body when we remove a mask?

As we experience more fully the silent level sensations and feelings of masking and unmasking, what do we discover?  What feelings move through us?  What needs are calling for attention?

What old familiar masks are up for question?

What new masks are open for trying on?  Feeling into?

When we allow ourselves more time and space to feel the silent level meaning of masking-unmasking, what new meanings emerge as we anticipate a future of masking-unmasking?

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