Feeling Moving:

Deepening Intimacy with Self & Other

Feeling Moving: Deepening intimacy with self & other
September 11-12, 12-6 pm    $200

Taught by Mary Abrams

Our physical body is at the heart of everything we feel, think, and do in relationship. This body is designed with the motivating and amplifying movements of the affective system, which is the biological basis of our emotions. Like sap flowing through all the developments of a tree from roots to fruit, our affective system moves through our bodies at every level of our being. Our affects are silent, non-words, biological processes. Our emotions develop throughout our lives as biology (affect) joins with symbolic memory and meaning (biography).

How we meet with “emotion” is extremely significant and understanding feeling, as consciousness of affect, plays a crucial role in how we participate in the movement of all our relationships—relating within our self and relating with others. Becoming conscious of the ways affect moves through our bodies and moves us in life, can increase our capacity to “surf” the emotional seas of being, and support the ways we participate with self and others.

During this two-day workshop we will explore somatic movement processes inspired by breath/sound and fluid movement, to awaken bodily awareness and consciousness of affective flow—feeling. As we experience our feeling moving, we will explore basic theory and language of the affective system from the work of Silvan S. Tomkins and current neuroscience. We will utilize a model for how we create meaning from the work of J.S. Bois—epistemics; and along the way experience how movement and sensation awareness can offer us new understanding, enhance the value of all of our feelings, and support what motivates us to deepen our sense of intimacy with self and others.

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