Moving Body


Taught by Mary Abrams & Colleagues

[Schedule for 2019 TBA]

Each moment of existence, every living breathing body dances the mystery of life. Human dancing occurs deep within us as subtle unseeable movements that can awaken into meaningful gestures and become exhuberant expression. Dancing also takes form in many cultures as healing, celebration, and sacred ceremony. Moving Body Dance classes offer a safe environment for dancers to find their authentic dance from within, to dance in community with personal celebration and sacred play. Each class begins with a ½ hour of breath/sound, fluid movment, and sensation awakening to deepen inner awareness and provide support for genuine flow of full expression. An hour of dancing follows with music ebbing and flowing with ease and intensity. We wind down with a final period of breath/sound and inner movement supporting integration and rest.

$30/single class
$130 /5 class pass