Monday November 12 Schedule of Workshops

Photo credit: Blake Horn

Learn About Somatic Movement Education

Monday, Nov 12—Inner-Outer Ecology, Heart Awakening, Reaping our Community Harvest

9:30-9:45 am Group gather & welcome

9:45-11:45 am
Dancing Our Inner Ecology: Stones Clay Water
Taught by Corazon Tierra
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The Earth lives in each in us, in our muscles, tissues, organs, and bones. The movement patterns present in our atoms, molecules and cells are also present in nature. When we allow this inner ecological dance to flow we are able to tap into the amazing wisdom of our body. In this workshop we will feel, sense and express our inner ecological dance through somatic movement education, community dance and shamanic practices. We will invoke and tune into the energy of stones, clay and water inside our bodies to allow the emergence of our ecological dance. This workshop will offer opportunities for deep relaxation, soulful expression and renewal. The journey culminates with a community dance that celebrates the piece of the planet that each participant embodies. This workshop welcomes all fitness levels. It honors all body types and celebrates body diversity. No previous dance experience is necessary.


9:45-11:45 am
Movement Poem: Journey to Your Sacred Heart-Self
Taught by Michelle Cohen-Cote
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This workshop calls forth the power of togetherness in the form of a sacred circle to create a safe space to honor, to let go, to be, and to listen to the embodied voices of your body with special focus on your heart. You will be guided step-by-step on a powerful healing journey to evoke the presence and wisdom of your heart, allowing it to take form through creative movement expression called your ‘movement poem.’ You will enter your experience with a collective welcoming ritual followed by a somatic dive to settle and connect to your moving body. The invitation is to sense, feel, and move through the lens of your heart. Your heart’s voice will be expressed through writing, sounding, and moving in the way that feels just right for you. The journey will culminate with our movement poems moving together to behold our collective heart.


12:00-2:00 pm
Dialogue-Reflection & End of Gathering Ceremony

Led by Mary Abrams

Our group dialogue-reflection and closing ceremony will support us to reflect upon the gifts we have offered and received during the festival and feel for what supports and sustains our webs of connection as we move onward, manifesting new dreams within our families, communities, and world.