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Meeting Divisions Within—A Continuum Exploration
Taught by Mary Abrams

 Feb 3,  12-2 pm EST (6-8 pm CET)

Life presents us with many expressions of opposites, divisions.  Up-down, in-out, right-wrong, left-right, arm-leg, thinking-feeling, healing-hurting.  We experience these divides on many levels of meaning personally and social-culturally.  At a silent non-words level, all of these divisions are movements “in” and through our physical bodies alerting us to our deeper needs.  In this two hour workshop we will explore what happens with our experience of divisions when:

  • We awaken our awareness of their silent level movements through breath/sound and fluid movement, and
  • Inquire by feeling for where, and how these divisions meet within our sensing-feeling experience.

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Awakening Ground—A Continuum Exploration
Taught by Mary Abrams

Mar 24  12-2 pm EST (6-8 pm CET)

With the seasonal shift to Spring the ground of our Earth begins to warm, soften, and sprout with new growth.    Our bodies during this season also begin to warm, soften, and awaken with new possibilities for growth.  In this two hour workshop, through breath/sound, fluid movement, and open inquiry we will explore:

  • Our contact with and experience of ground,
  • The ways we meet and are met by ground, and
  • Be curious about they ways more enlivened ground support, can more fully awaken our ground-space dynamic.

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