Introduction to odyssey of spiritual learning through the practice of continuum

Introduction to The Odyssey of Embodied Spiritual Learningthrough the practice of Continuum

Jan 28
Sat, 12 – 5 pm
Online & In-person

Preparing to launch later in 2023, The Odyssey of Embodied Spiritual Learning is a 6-module program designed and led by Mary Abrams, to facilitate participants on a journey of increasing

awareness, understanding, and practical skills for living a more heartfelt, full-bodied experience of love and communion with others. During this introductory day we explore Continuum breath/sound and movement practices as a portal to awaken felt-sense experiences of connection within our bodies and connections all around. Mary will further describe how through body awareness, inquiry, somatic movement, and creative processes, the 6-module program, The Odyssey of Embodied Spiritual Learning will support participants in their journeys toward dreaming and creating a more sustainable, healthy, loving life and world for all.

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