Somatic Movement & Benefits

What is Somatic Movement Education?

SME is an embodiment approach that helps us to access the wisdom of the body through movement processes.

  • SME emphasizes the living body as experienced, felt and regulated from within.
  • SME offers bodily processes and environments that support a greater sense of well-being, agency and community connection.
  • SME cultivates a conscious engagement with the living body through movement, rest, stillness, postural awareness, breath consciousness, and dance expression.

There is not one singular method or practice that defines the field. SME contains a multitude of methods and practices that share central principles, approaches and philosophies.


What benefits does SME offer?

Health and Well-being

  • SME offers movement processes that help you to move toward greater health and well-being.
  • SME helps you to cultivate the innate tools that your body offers for self-care and self-healing.
  • SME helps you to find support in your moving-thinking body.

Rest and Relaxation

  • SME promotes deep relaxation through slow and gentle movements.
  • SME helps you to slow down and free yourself from the pressure of clock-time.
  • SME offers an environment that allows you to rest and experience sensory comfort.

Physical Well-being

  • SME helps to improve coordination, flexibility and range of motion through movement practices that feel natural.
  • SME helps you discover your body’s innate capacities for pain-relief and releasing distress.
  • SME offers you time and space to experience and express spontaneous movement.
  • SME helps you to develop an easeful relationship with your body through movement experiences that emphasize experiencing physicality from within.
  • SME helps you to nurture the integrated experience of your body, mind, emotions, soul, heart, and spirit.