Bodywork Sessions with Camilo Brooks

Camilo’s practice specializes in relieving muscle tension and identifying its location and root causes. He believes that by increasing our awareness of the tension’s origin, we can better understand how to heal the parts of our body that experiences the most pain.

Unlimited 1.5 hr. in-person sessions available!  $160 each

Camilo Brooks is a lifelong student of the human body. Having practiced bodywork and massage for 22 years, he envisions a world free of muscle tension, and is eager to share his gift to realize this vision.

Jin Shin Do – Asian Bodywork Therapy with Debby Valentine Smith

Thanks to COVID 19, face-to-face sessions have had to transform to fit physical distancing criteria.  I have been surprised to discover that learning about and experiencing life force, Qi energy, is easily adapted to Phone, Facetime and Zoom sessions. The added benefit is that these skills empower each person to become their own well-being expert.

Unlimited 45 minute online sessions available!  $60 each

Deborah Valentine Smith is a practitioner and teacher of Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure® for over 30 years. She is an author of many articles in the field and creator of classes, including Western Body, Eastern Mind: Integrated Anatomy & Physiology; TendinoMuscular Meridians: Where Energy Meets Fascia; and courses using the TMM for fibromyalgia, cellulite and pain relief.  Deborah is also currently board president of the American Organization of Bodywork Therapies of Asia (AOBTA).

Chinese Medicine/ Energy sessions with Pieter Sommen

Pieter offers distance healing sessions using Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Tui-Na, Qi Gong and Shiatsu, all slightly different expressions of the same thinking about the human body and mind. During the treatment he contacts the Universal Qi and asks it to help you in your healing process. If you could see him, you would see him doing massage, treating acupuncture points, sending different colors of light and chanting.  All the while you rest and receive the treatment in the comfort of your own home.

4 online sessions available $100 each

Pieter Sommen has practiced massage therapy, acupuncture and studied Classical Chinese medicine since 1993. He has taught TuiNa and Sinew channels at the Swedish Institute and at Pacific College of Health & Science, and was chair of the Eastern Studies Department in the Massage Therapy Program at the Swedish Institute, where he taught shiatsu and TuiNa. He continues a private practice in New York City in acupuncture, shiatsu, and TuiNa, and currently online using the same Classical Chinese Medicine principles and practices. The teachers who have inspired him in this work are Tom Bisio, Sensei R. Ceaser, Jeffrey Yuen, Jerry Alan Johnson, Robert Peng, and Pauline Sasaki.

Massage Therapy with Michael Alicia, LMT

These in-person therapeutic sessions may include various forms of massage including Swedish, medical, oncology, Shiatsu and Thai, while also including rehabilitative stretching and strengthening exercises.

(SOLD OUT)   2   90 minute in-person sessions available $190  each

Michael Alicia is the founder and director of CATA, NYC. He has been a licensed massage therapist since 1992 and works with: Oncology Patients for symptom relief, dancers and athletes for acute injury, chronic pain, and performance enhancement, and people looking for relaxation and stress relief.  Michael has also been a teacher of Swedish, shiatsu and Thai massage at the venerable Swedish Institute since 1994.

Healing Sessions with Maria Petrova

Our biography is our biology. We create psychosomatic holds in our body when life is too much to handle, when we’re unprepared or burdened by too much stress. Based on acupuncture but not using needles, BodyTalk allows us to unravel some of the knots, unpeel the layers, and reveal your own connected, radiant body and mind. Can be done via video chat or in-person when we both feel safe to do so.

$165 each  ($350 value!)

Past-Life Regression Sessions
Past-life regression allows you to go back in time and explore themes and traumas from the past that may be influencing your relationships and success prospects. Certified by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of Many Lives, Many Masters, I will lead you safely through the mists of time and help you see yourself more clearly and overcome unconscious patterns. For first-time clients, must be done in person, when we both feel safe to do so.

(1 of 5 Sold) 4 sessions available    $165 each   ($200 value!)

Donna Eden Energy Medicine
A pioneer of Energy Medicine, Donna Eden popularized techniques like the Zip Up, the Hook Up, and the Crossover, which allow you to correct your own basic energy imbalances and feel lighter, more coherent, and more protected from the energies of others. Especially good for empaths and others sensitive to energy, these protective techniques will transform your life. Can be done via video chat or in person, when we both feel safe to do so.

3 sessions available    $165 each  ($200 value!)

Maria Petrova has been a BodyTalk practitioner since 2009, a Certified Past-Life Regressionist since 2013, and a Clinical Practitioner in Eden Energy Medicine since 2014. Going far beyond chakra clearing, these therapies can be deeply transforming. Testimonials at

Focusing with Barbara Chutroo, LCSW

Focusing is training of awareness somewhat akin to meditation in which the Focuser learns to pay attention to an inner sense of their body or emotional state which allows for healthy transitions to be discovered.  It is usually done in partnership but can be practiced alone once the technique has been learned.  There is an aspect of “listening” in that the Focuser verbally articulates their inner experience and the partner or “listener” closely attends to the Focuser’s process letting them know that they are being accurately heard.  It can be an effective tool for healing and personal growth.

One hour Focusing session and training   $100

Barbara Chutroo is a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), dance movement therapist and certified Focusing professional.  She has been practicing these techniques for over 25 years.

Somatic Experiencing® Sessions with Eric Hansen, PhD

Somatic Experiencing® (SE) is a body-oriented approach to healing of trauma and other stress disorders.

5    (3 of 5 sold)  1.25 hr. private sessions available $100 each

Eric Hansen is a certified Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner with additional “hands on” SE training with Kathy Kain and has been practicing SE in NYC and the West coast. He’s also been doing Continuum, men’s work, and surfing for more than 20 years.