Dance the Tsunami of Awakening in Bali
April 16 to April 28,2018 

with Mary Abrams & Ken Ballard


Click Here to Download the brochure for Bali Sacred Journey 2018

It is time to dance into your full potential. Time to dream a new dream & embody your heart’s wildest desires. It is time to say Yes to you. If not now when?  Mary Abrams, Kenneth Ballard, Dharma, Samphos and Ken’s amazing Balinese healing family invite you to join us in Bali for a profound Transformational Celebration, a rare travel treasure!

Travel with us on this potent journey, gaining exceptional entree into the hidden inner world of Bali. Awakening. Healing. Re-Membering who you really BE. A time of unbridled bliss filled with unconditioned Love. A time of renewal and rejuvenation. A time to celebrate Love and exponential expansion.


Our journey in 2018 will be 12 days on the ground in Bali.  We will have time near the cultural center of Ubud and four days in northwestern Bali on a bay beach wonderful for swimming and convenient to snorkeling.  We will experience ceremonies with four special healers that Ken has known intimately over the years.

Please download the brochure using the link above for the specific fees and itinerary.

To register by August 2, 2017 and for further information please contact Mary Abrams:
(212) 206-7542.

In Lotuz Love & with Aloha, Kenneth, Mary, Dharma, Samphos and our Bali dream team.



The 2015 Bali Sacred Journey was, for starters, an exquisitely arranged and orchestrated trip through a magical island country. However, the depth & breadth of healings offered by Ken’s cadre of sacred healers, which was then amplified by the loving intention of our group, has been trickling daily through my life since then. If you want fine tuning and clarity in your life’s direction, go Dance the Tsunami of Awakening in Bali 2018!
Ellen Cohen

I continue to treasure my time in Bali with Mary and Ken for a zillion precious reasons. In the attempt to arrive at an overarching importance of this trip for me, I say that the experience of being totally ‘met’ by the 6 precious people I was with on this journey, the healing and healers we experienced as well as Bali herself has profoundly changed my life in surprising ways and continues to reverberate in its magic and mystery. Still I am thankful for every small and large experience within it… and within me.
Tamara Melcher

When I think back on my 2015 Bali Sacred Journey with Mary and Ken, the overriding theme is “Open to Receive”. Being surrounded by loving healers, beautiful souls and breathtaking landscapes allowed me to manifest change in ways I previously did not know possible. The Journey continues each moment since as I continue to learn from the experience, finding new ways to be open to receive love, life and magic.
Rebecca Jeter

My world shifted to new, more expansive dimensions by being with the healers, engaging in ceremony and sacred dance, enjoying time on gorgeous walks and eating awesome food with Mary, Ken and the group during the Bali Sacred Journey 2015. The depth and richness of this inner and outer adventure resonate within me still.
Eric Rolf Hansen

Heart-opening, sweet, fragrant, enlivening, bountiful…all words that describe my experience in Bali. Within each minute detail of the trip, I felt well-cared for by Ken, Mary, Dharma, Samphos and all who attended to our group. The accommodations were lovely and comfortable, the food delicious and abundant, and the trip well-organized, even as the itinerary shifted throughout the week. I was especially touched by each healer’s unique and generous outpouring of their gifts, both with our group and within the communities they serve. It has been over a year since my sacred journey in Bali with Mary and Ken, and I continue to receive the gifts of healing life that sprung from my time there.


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