Getting gutsy:

Awakening gut-body presence, exploring support for trusting our guts

Photo by Jennifer Moloney

Getting Gutsy:  Awakening gut-body presence, exploring support for trusting our guts

February 5-6
10 am – 2 pm  (EST)
Online via Zoom

Our gut-intestines-belly along with other soft organ tissues comprise what is known as the Enteric Nervous System.  This nervous system operates independently from our Central Nervous System and has also been called the brain of the gut.

When the Earth was one big ocean, the first living creatures were single cells, then multi-cells.  A new animal shape occurred when a more complex cellular structure involuted—the outside became an inside chamber—creating a tube, vessel body.  This vessel body was (and still is) a gut body!  The gut body creature is the earliest expression of a nervous system on Earth, and this same evolutionary intelligence is alive in our human bodies expressed as our guts and organs.

In this workshop participants will be invited to explore this ancient intelligence moving within their bodies. Through breath/sound, micro and macro movements, we will explore ways to awaken sensation and movement awareness flowing through our gut tube.  With open attention we will listen to silent-non-words meaning that arises from the soft, fluid, strong, resilient support of our guts.  We will explore the ways we experience our Gut-brain as coordinated and/or uncoordinated with our Brain-brain; and feel how as we “get gutsy” and “trust our guts” support for new movement patterns and new meanings can arise throughout our whole experience.

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