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MOVING THE SELF FROM WITHIN, a performance as therapy group


Seeking individuals who are curious about the use of movement expression as a tool for self-exploration, healing and growth. By telling your story through movement in a therapeutic setting, participants can unblock emotional barriers, strengthen intuition, expand inner wisdom, increase confidence, unlock new visions, deepen self-love, access community support for life-changing events and discover new ways of navigating through life’s challenges.

In this dance/movement therapy group, we will seek to unlock the healing power of movement and use the sacred space of performance as a medium through which to undertake our own, unique journey of transformation. Experience a therapeutic journey of the self through movement by harnessing the intuitive and innate story within while building a sense of community with fellow movers.

  • Hybrid virtual & in-person (Chelsea, Manhattan, ADA accessible)
  • No dance or performance experience necessary
  • Welcome to people 18 years of age and older with and without disabilities
  • $30/session

Movers will journey through a collaborative and creative process, using movement exploration both guided and improvisational. Movers will create a dance developed from unearthed themes, images, and expressions that arise within the group therapy process. In a supportive environment, this therapy group will culminate with a mover/witness experience by performing the dance for a curated audience developed for the group by the group.

Unearth your story, discover, connect.

For more information and to join, please contact:
Lisa Clementi, MS, R-DMT, LCAT, Board Eligible

Photo (top of page) by Amanda Lascon