Moving, Feeling, & Meaning

Feeling Moving: Deepening intimacy with self & other

May 19-20, 12-6 pm    $300


Caryn McHose and Mary Abrams’ teaching offers connections between: knowledge of physical structure, movement capacity, the biology of emotion, and ways humans create meaning through the interplay of our biology, biography, and the Earth’s dynamic gravitational field.
This workshop is a chance to disrupt your assumptions about your body and emotions in ways that offer self-discovery and inquiry. “We begin with the perception of establishing self.  By self, we mean the present time sensations of our body, not the image of our existence or our story.  Finding an established sense of self begins by sensing Earth’s gravity field, allowing gravity to find us” (McHose & Frank, How Life Moves, p. 15).  Allowing gravity to find us we attend our physical structure through the evolutionary movements of living forms—the cell, vessel, fish, and mammal—to explore both ancient and contemporary knowledge living through us as silent, non-words, movement.
Alive with silent level awareness, we also awaken to the silent level movements of our affective system—the biology of emotion—which “colors and shapes” the structure of our attention. How we meet with “emotion” is extremely significant, and understanding feeling, as consciousness of affect, plays a crucial role in how we experience our bodies and the movement of life.  Becoming conscious of the ways affect moves through our bodies, can increase our capacity to “surf” the seas of how we create meaning, and support the ways we participate with self and others. 
The world of structural integration (pioneered by Ida P. Rolf) constitutes normal posture and normal movement in quite specific terms with coordinative goals summarized as: 1. Normal Gait; 2. Extremity (hands and feet) relationship to Axis; 3. Eccentricity (lengthening) under demand; 4. Self care that evokes integration; 5. Orientation with Gravity opens plasticity.
Epistemics (J.S. Bois) & Affect theory (S.S. Tomkins) constitutes a model for understanding the process of how humans create meaning from the silent level experience of their bodies, and the significant role that affect plays in creating human consciousness, supporting optimal well-being, motivation, and the creation of meaning.
Each day will involve individual and group explorations, and a chance to invoke inquiry: What is true in this moment? How does movement offer us wisdom about what we are feeling? What new experiences of structure, movement, and meaning are evolving?

Caryn McHose has been a somatic educator for over 45 years. Her interest in movement began at age five studying dance in a context that valued creativity and relationship to nature. She is a practitioner of the following disciplines: Rolfing® Structural Integration; Rolf Movement® Integration; Somatic Experiencing®; Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy. She has a private practice and teaches workshops for somatic professionals in a variety of contexts. She is the co-author (with Kevin Frank) of How Life Moves, Explorations in Meaning and Body Awareness. She is a collaborator for Bodystories, A Guide to Experiential Anatomy by Andrea Olsen.

Mary Abrams, MA, RSME, has been teaching dance and somatic movement for over 30 years. Her love for teaching is informed by her MA degree in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement, the biology of emotion (neuroscience), and Epistemics (philosophy); her BA in Dance from St. Olaf College; and over 20 years of exploring and teaching somatic movement practice inspired by Continuum.  Owner/director of Moving Body Resources, Mary teaches group and works privately with individuals in NYC and across the USA.  Since 2009 she has been leading and teaching the graduate course, Masters in Dance & Somatic Well-being, in the USA from the University of Central Lancashire in England.

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