Sunday November 12th Festival Schedule of Workshops

Learn About Somatic Movement Education


9 – 9:30 AM:  Arrive, settle

10:00 – 11:45 AM: WORKSHOP (1.75 hr)

Dream Weaving: Explore, embody and share personal vision within a supportive communal space
Taught by Jeni Ascosi

$40 or Festival Pass
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Whether your vision is in the early stages of desire and inquiry, more fully formed, or yet to be imagined, this time together offers space to slow down and listen deeply to what may be calling to you from the depths of your being. We will begin with a somatic self-care practice to draw us into our time. Guidance for solo and small group inquiry will be offered, with space for personal creative exploration, and contributing in some small way to a larger group art-piece. We will close our time with sharing and a somatic check-in, before moving outwards into our daily lives.


Somatic Process as Healing Process: Regenerating the Female Ecosystem
Taught by Eden Fromberg

$40 or Festival Pass
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The female body is an interconnected ecosystem and epigenetic research reveals that 80% of our gene expressions are influenced by the quality of our interactions with inner and outer environments. How one perceives and participates with alignment, effort, relationships to gravity, emotional qualities, expression, and presence in time and space can either exhaust or revitalize the essence of well-being. This workshop provides an opportunity to develop essential resources to nourish and more fully inhabit and innovate your own internal environment via biointelligent practices, integrating movement, sound, breath, energy, and awareness spanning physical, emotional, and spiritual landscapes. Sound and breath transcend culture dissolving inhibitors in the body’s resonant connective tissue and fluid systems to awake ancient wisdom encoded in our neurology, cells, and DNA. In a supportive female group process enjoy a fresh lens of awareness and expanded internal landscapes in which to cultivate hormonal and spiritual balance, renewal, rejuvenation, healing, fertility, creativity and well-being.

11:45 – 12 PM: BREAK

12:00 – 1:45 PM:  WORKSHOP (1.75 hrs)

Visioning with Body and Group Wisdom
Taught by  Lee Fogel of The Visioning Body
$40 or Festival Pass
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Working together in groups can create positive change in our world. Tuning into the body’s wisdom through awareness, movement, and creative play can facilitate the process of connecting deeply with ourselves and each other, and give life to our visions for the world.  In this workshop we will explore the process of Somatic Visioning as a powerful approach to dreaming and working together in groups.  We will explore how to create an embodied working plan to move forward in our work for change. This workshop welcomes people of all backgrounds and life/work experiences, and is great for anyone wanting to collaborate in deep and sustainable ways to bring our world into greater harmony and wellbeing.


Sensing What Is, Sensing Beyond
Taught by Sara Mulry
$40 or Festival Pass
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In a world full of myriad religious, political, and cultural expressions, exploring how we learn our own experience through our senses can have the potential to usher us toward a better understanding of opinions and decisions we may find disagreeable or unfamiliar. In this interactive workshop, we explore the questions: In what ways do our preferences shape our lives? Also, in what ways can awakening our senses clarify empathic awareness and support us to develop more compassion?

Sara will guide participants through a series of experiential stations where they can awaken all five senses with a variety of textures, scents, sights, sounds and tastes. At each station, she will offer questions and exercises to support tracking body-mind awareness; helping to guide students as they reflect upon thoughts, feelings, and memories. In drawing our attention to the somatic movement of our senses we will become better acquainted with ourselves, laying the groundwork for understanding and challenging how we individually and as a group orient and extend our awareness of self and other.

1:45 – 2:30 PM:  Lunch Break

2:30 – 3:30 PM:  Dialogue, Roundfloor Discussion

Dialogue Session: Reflecting on our Somatic Realities
Facilitated by Mary Abrams & Cindy Shum

Come join us for a lively discussion on Somatic Movement Education (SME). Share your festival experiences, your stories, your needs, and let us know your cravings, desires, and aspirations for future events. We welcome input from diverse perspectives, and are keen to learn ways we can serve our greater community’s needs through the supportive practices of SME. Weaving together our collective discoveries, insights, and questions, we will offer highlights of festival experiences and interests to the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA) to enhance, support and further the field of somatic movement as practitioners, clients, students, and people of the world.

3:30 – 3:45 PM: Break

3:45 – 5:30 PM:  Closing Ceremony Full Group (1.25 hr):
Led by Mary Abrams