Moving Body Festival – Teacher Biographies


Mary Abrams, MA, RSME

Mary Abrams is owner/director of Moving Body Resources, teaches groups, private sessions, and led the MA Dance & Somatic Well-being course in the USA from 2009-2017.  Her love for teaching is inspired by her masters degree in Consciousness Studies focusing on embodied movement, the biology of emotion, and Epistemics.  She is eternally grateful for all the MA students who continue to transform her teaching; to Gary David, Emilie Conrad, Susan Harper, Caryn McHose, Kevin Frank, Elisa Cotroneo, and Penny Collinson for their inspiration as teachers and somatic movement colleague conspirators; to every person who has given her the honor to work with them in classes, workshops, or privately; and to the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association for their enduring support of this wild and wonderful “profession”.


Jeni Ascosi

Through somatic movement education and multi-disciplinary arts, Jeni Ascosi works with clients and fellow artists in cultivating Living Forms (process and support) for relationship, self-care, dynamic movement and creative expression. Jeni holds a Masters Degree in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing and is a registered professional with ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association). She is based in New York City, New Paltz, and online:


Kathleen Brazie

[Bio to come].


Michelle Cohen-Coté

Michelle Cohen-Coté is founder of the Movement Forest, brings to the fields of health, wellness, dance, and communications, her belief and passion in the power of movement and somatic awareness to cultivate conscious choice making, develop embodied communication, and enhance lives.  Michelle is a registered somatic movement therapist and educator (RSMT/E) with the International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA) and has a Master’s degree in Dance & Somatic Well-being from the University of Central Lancashire in England.  Michelle’s love for movement extends into the dance world, where she actively performs with Catherine Gallant Dance and Dances by Isadora.


Bobbie Ellis

For 32 years Bobbie has been deeply committed to exploring the territory of inquiry and creativity using the wisdom of the body. She owns and directs Soma Center, Resources for Embodied Living and is a ceremony officiant with Meaningful Ceremonies both located in Highland Park, NJ. As a yoga and somatic movement educator, Bobbie leads classes, workshops and explorative trainings rich in fluid expression, self discovery, writing, drawing and moving with living anatomy. She explored Continuum Movement with its founder Emilie Conrad from 1999-2014 and was an authorized Continuum teacher from 2005 2015. She retreats and explores yearly with Susan Harper, of Continuum Montage. Bobbie is a seeker and continues to find valuable resources for teaching, working and living a creative life. She self published her first book of poems in 2014 and an embodied meditation CD in 2010. She is compiling her second publication of poems now.


Ali Fischer

Ali Fischer graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2015 with a MA in Dance and Somatic Well-Being from the University of Central Lancashire (UK). As a licensed manual/movement educator, she coalesces her skills in somatic movement education, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, yoga instructing, modern dance, and osteopathic myofascial training to create an integrated somatic practice for her clients/students. Ali has maintained a private practice as a bodyworker since 1998 and has danced professionally, creating her own work and dancing for various choreographers in the USA since 1996. For more


Lee Nussbaum Fogel

Lee Nussbaum Fogel, MA, RSME, is an ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator, Interdisciplinary Artist, Arts Educator, and Reiki Practitioner. She brings a breadth of experience and training to her work, including an MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing from the University of Central Lancashire, a BA in Dance and Visual Arts from Oberlin College, and traditional training and mentorship in Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho. Over the last fifteen years, she has taught mind-body wellness and the arts in K-12 schools, yoga studios, arts studios, wellness centers, colleges, women’s shelters, camps, HIV/AIDS wellness organizations, and conferences. She is director and founder of The Visioning Body, offering group and private programs that support people to live according to their wellbeing and unique callings.


Sarah French

Sarah French is the founding director of OOFA, which facilitates creativity labs and other playful experiences. She was a practicing psychotherapist before stumbling into the paradoxical world of Clown, to her relief and joy. Sarah’s work is also directly inspired by wild dolphins and whales, who she swims with as often as possible, touched by their playfulness and enormous hearts. She considers these cetaceans as collaborators in the teaching materials she makes. Sarah holds an MSW from NYU, is an associate member of Nose to Nose, a certified Shamanic Reiki Master, and lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Clare Maxwell

Clare Maxwell is a movement educator and Alexander Technique teacher based in NYC. She worked with two Bessie award winning choreographers during her 30 year career in experimental dance, toured her own work in the US and in Europe, and certified as a teacher of the Alexander Technique at ACAT/NYC and The Art of Breathing with Jessica Wolf. Clare created a full curriculum for actors during her five years on the faculty of the William Esper Acting Studio, and is currently developing a body mapping practice that follows the evolution and structure of our central nervous system.


Jennifer Moloney

Jennifer Moloney, MA, RSME, is a Bellicon Master Trainer and is certified in Melt Method, Tune Up Fitness Roll Model, Yoga Tune Up, and Stick Mobility. She graduated with distinction from the MA Dance & Somatic Well-being course from UClan in 2016. She hosts workshops and professional intensives throughout the region, has a private personal practice, and researches and develops detox programming movement protocols for a naturopathic physician and nutritionist team. Jennifer’s approach to personal and group training is innovative and holistic, integrating her NASM-CPT with her movement and performance art research background. Her methodologies incorporate somatic phenomenology, epistemics, the biology of emotion, embodied anatomy, fitness, and arts-based and trauma focused somatic movement research.


Melissa Neidich

Melissa Neidich graduated from the MA Dance and Somatic Well-being program in 2014. Her background includes over 20 years of exploration and training in dance, martial arts, Taoist arts, Tantric arts, and somatic movement practices including Continuum and Body Mind Centering. Melissa is a substitute teacher for Moving Body Innovations and a documentary film editor.  Her teaching aspires to communicate her interest in the practice of being in the moment and her love of full-bodied movement.


Lillian Stamey

Lillian Stamey is a Somatic Movement Educator, movement artist, and yoga practitioner. Lillian’s yoga practice is based in somatic approaches where self-inquiry begins from within the body. In her classes, Lillian guides the mind’s attention to breath, sensation, and imagination, in order to open new pathways for expression. Her mission is to offer personal and attainable healing practices through yoga and movement arts. Lillian received her 200 hour teacher training certificate from Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2015, and is registered with the Yoga Alliance (RYT 200). She has a Masters of Arts in Somatic Movement Education with the University of Central Lancashire. Lillian dances professionally and creates her own choreography with 96b Dance Collective. She hopes to give support and guidance for those who seek themselves through movement.


Corazon Tierra

Corazon Tierra is a dance artist, dance educator, somatic movement educator, poet, and writer. She is a trained shaman of the Feminine School of Wisdom, where she studied with Shaman Artist Maria Mar. For the last two decades, Corazon has been facilitating learning experiences that help women, young girls and children to develop a positive relationship with their bodies. Her main emphasis as a movement teacher is to provide a joyful and non-judgmental atmosphere where adults and children feel safe and confident to express themselves through dance. Corazon is the creator of DanzaEdu™, a somatic movement dance education program for children of all ages; of DanzaSpa ™, a movement practice that combines holistic dance, somatics and creative movement; and of Beloved BodySoul ™, a healthy body esteem system. Corazon recently completed her MA in Dance and Somatic Wellbeing at the University of Central Lancashire at Moving Body Resources in NYC, where she studied with Mary Abrams.