Moving Body


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Schedule for 2020

Mondays 6pm – 8pm:
2020 Dates TBA


This monthly class explores the questions, “What is healing? Who is the healer? Who is healing? Can healing occur if nothing needs fixing? Can healing occur if no one has special powers? Or if everyone has special powers?

During these sessions all participants will be invited to explore themselves moving, sounding, breathing, and being in the space as healers, as being healed, and in endless creative roles appearing and disappearing for no rational reason. Participants will be invited to bring their special, sacred, and mundane objects to heal with, along with fabrics, singing bowls, shakers, candles, water, and all other items in our healing space. Together we will feel for all the beautiful gestures we can make, and together we will discover the mysteries of healing.

This class is inspired by Mary’s lifelong creative explorations in the mystery of being, ongoing Somatic Movement practice, and Fake Therapy as articulated by Valentina Desideri and experienced at the Body IQ Conference with Peter Pleyer.

$30/single class
$130 5/class series