Feeling Moving: Deepening Intimacy with Self & Other

Taught by Mary Abrams
May 19-20, 12-6 pm
Fee: $300

At the heart of feeling, thinking, and doing is our physical body alive with the motivating and amplifying movement of the affective system. This system is the biological basis of our emotions, moving through our bodies at every level of being. Becoming conscious of the ways affect moves through our bodies and moves us in life, can increase our capacity to “surf” the emotional seas of being, and support the ways we participate with self and others.

This workshop will explore research and experiential processes to help us learn with finding language to describe our affective systems. Explorations will include breath/sound, movement, sensory awareness, expressive arts, and other somatic movement awareness practices. We will explore individually, with partners, and the group the amazing ways we flow, resonate, and relate with feeling.

TO REGISTER via email or phone contact: mary@movingbodyresources.com or 212-206-7542